Forever Gone Golden Toad

Complete and now in the drying process is my painting titled “Gone Forever Golden Toad”. The Golden Toad is marked as extinct and has vanished from existence. This beautiful toad is considered one of the great failures of conservation efforts. Within decades of its discovery it was no longer seen and declared extinct. It was extremely tricky to do this painting as there are limited sources for what the golden toad looked like. For now this painting is drying for a year before it can be varnished and ready to go.

Electro Gecko

My newest digital painting is complete. Introducing Electro Gecko! This features the critically endangered Electric Blue Gecko from Tanzania. This little guy is beautiful and rare in its native land. Prints and stickers are available of this little guy. Please check him out.

SnakeNmyBoot Logo

I finished the logo design for the snake breeding business SnakesNmyBoot. You can follow them on facebook/instagram to see amazing snake photos. I love how this design turned out and doing all the different types of snakes. Please follow me on my social media accounts for more animal artwork.

Look Back at Magical Emergence

Magical Emergence was one of my earlier digital paintings. At the time I was just learning how to use the digital program and create artworks digitally. This was a great step towards my learning to do digital paintings. You can check it out in my shop where prints are available for this piece.

Extinction 2022 Exhibition

My artwork named ‘Vaquita: Panda of the Sea’ is now being showcased at Extinction – 2022 exhibition, organized by Gallerium and powered by @Biafarin platform.

To learn more, please visit:

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Wisdom of the Desert

My newest digital painting is complete! Title “Wisdom of the Desert” this piece features a Desert Tortoise emerging from his burrow. These are amazing tortoises who can live an exceptionally long time. They are currently listed as a threatened species. You can help spread awareness of these amazing tortoises who live right here in the United States.

Newest Design “Odd Friends Playtime

My newest digital painting is “Odd Friends Playtime” featuring Toothless from How to Train your Dragon. This also has my adorable cat Moon. I always loved how Toothless was cat like rolling in the grass. I thought it would be great to have a baby Toothless and Moon playing together doing this. Please check out this in the design section. Thanks!